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Boosting FAQ in League of Legends

What is rating in League of Legends and what is it needed for?

ELO Rating  - is system that calculates your approximate skill level. Depending on it you get matched with enemies and teammates of same skill rating for best experience in game.

To calculate your ELO rating, you have to play 10 placement matches, after which ones you will get placed in between Bronze V and Platinum I

What maximum rating can you provide?

North America - Challenger
Europe West - Master
Russia - Challenger
Turkey - Challenger
Japan - Challenger
Korea- Master
Brazil - Challenger
Latin America - North- Master
Latin America - South - Master
Europe North/East- Challenger
Oceania - Master

Is my account safe?

Totally! Your account is totally protected. We do not reveal your person and also guarantee total safety of all data that you provide to us. Our boosters are using proxy servers to synchronize IP with customer to avoid any troubles with the account.

Who will fill my order?

All of our boosters are tested and the best of them are selected. Each one is very competent and is able to carry out orders of any complexity. You do not need to worry about their skills. Many of them were performing on a pro-level before on such tournaments as Starladder, ESL, Dreamhackand always had rank of Master or Challenger on EU West. They have huge experience gained through ages of playing their favourite games.

What are the time limits?

Deadline is discussed individually depending on chosen service. Usually it takes not longer than 7 days.

Can i play on my account during boosting process?

Yes, for sure. You can play during breaks from boosting, but playing ranked games is forbidden!

Do you sell account for League of Legends?

No we don’t. But we might consider doing that in future.

I want to order a service that is not on the list. What should i do?

Contact our Online-Consultant and we will find a solution!

I didn’t find answer for my question. What should i do?

We have 24/7 working support. Contact our Online-Consultant. We are ready to answer your questions any minute regardless of time zone or current time.

Boosting FAQ League of Legends

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Why should use our service?

Our organization BoostingHouse was created with purpose to help players achieve results that they want in most popular online games. We provide wide range of services, from rating boosting up to coaching. Our team is consists of highly qualified, experienced performers, who know  all necessary and are ready to help you out. Our customers are always happy with results, you can make sure of that checking their reviews. Making an order on BoostingHouse.com you may trust us and don’t worry about nothing.

Why are we better than others?

We provide comfortable conditions, high quality, fast execution for a fair price. We highly do not recommend using services provided by persons leaving their contacts on forums or different social networks. They might not be able to fulfill your order. Also this way you might get scammed, since most of scammers tend to use forums and social networks.

I want to make an order. How is it done?

After clicking button “order” you will get an option to choose services you are interested in the game you chose before. After choosing service you will be able to see calculated price and fill in account data.

I made an order and filled in account data. How is payment done?

After clicking buttonProceed to checkout you will be able to choose from a various ways of online payments. Choose most comfortable for you and follow instructions.

What payment methods do you have?

On our website we offer such payment methods as:

  • Webmoney

  • PayPal

  • Qiwi

  • Yandex.Money

  • Sberbank Online

  • Visa / Mastercard / Maestro

  • Skrill

  • Mobile Payments

  • Bank Transfer

I successfully made a payment. What’s next?

On a e-mail that you set you will get a message with payment ticket, check and order number. Contacting our online consultant or contacting us any other possible way use given order number to get necessary information.

I didn’t find answer for my question. What should i do?

We have 24/7 working support. Contact our Online-Consultant. We are ready to answer your questions any minute regardless of time zone or current time.